The American Legion Post 175, Inc. Mechanicsville

Service Officer

New Service Officer is John Block

Phone: 703-501-2257



Post Service Officer

The Post Service officer is responsible for bringing to the attention of all veterans and their dependents the rights and benefits granted them by law. He/She must know how to utilize the expert services available through legion channels, as well as those of other agencies in his community. His/Her job is getting information to the full-time professionals to make certain that every veterans and his dependents are adequately represented. Dependents should be visited by the Post Service Officer as soon as feasible after a veteran's death. The Post Service Officer shall serve as Chairman of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committee and work closely with the Children and Youth Committee. The Auxiliary Unit, The Post Employment Officer, and the Visitation Committee may frequently need his/her help. 


Free Legal Services

Mr Juan Vega will conduct free legal services for American Legion Post 175 members at Post 175 on Saturday 5 October 2019 starting at 10:00 am. every 30 minutes.    

 Mr Vega can see a husband and wife couple during the same half-hour appointment slot.  This way, he will be able to assist up to 20 people in a single day.  However, there is a catch. 

Each interested person needs to provide their email addresses and he, Mr Vega, needs these folks to promptly respond to his emails and telephone calls.  That way he can finalize their legal documents before the day of the clinic.  On the date of the clinic, all that Mr. Vega will do with the interested person(s) is execute the legal documents.  There will not be any time to change things. 

 If someone does not call him back, then Mr. Vega working with Mr. Block, Post Service Officer, will cancel his or her appointment and will put an alternate in their place.  As you can tell, if someone shows up on the date of the clinic without having finalized their legal documents, it will disrupt the clinic and will create a bottleneck that will be unfair to the other clients.  

 A questionnaire follows that each interested person/prospective client needs to fill out before getting an appointment slot.  The questionnaire will be completed and sent back to Mr. Block at KCBSBL@YAHOO.COM and he can forward it to me NOT LATER THAN 6 SEPTEMBER 2019.  If you cannot scan it, simply email Mr. Block back the answers.  This is the only way to keep interested person(s) on track for their appointments.  Mr. Block's email address is KCBSBL@YAHOO.COM and his cell phone number is (703) 501-2257 if you have any questions on the legal services assistance appointment process.

Click Here For Free Legal Clinic Questionnaire




Helpful Links:
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Booklet
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Online Benefits Application
Application For DD214 (Military Discharge)
How To Request Military Awards and Decorations


80th Training Command (The Army School System) Richmond, VA

Basic Legal Services for Veterans AND SPOUSES

    - Wills
    - Financial Powers of Attorney
    - Medical Powers of Attorney
    - Advanced Medical Directives

Contact Wendy to reserve a place today!

Note: For legal services other than those listed above, please contact 211 in Virginia