The American Legion Post 175, Inc. Mechanicsville


Post Historian, George Navas


Post Historian

The Post Historian shall be charged with the individual records and incidents of the post and post members, and shall perform such other duties as may property pertain to the office as may be determined by the post or the executive committee. The Post Historian is given the responsibility of preserving and compiling the records of this post. There should be close and effective cooperation between the adjutant who works with the records on matters of current interest and the Historian who works with matters of historical matter. He/She shall keep in touch with the Department Historian, and submit a report to the department historian just before the department convention. He/She should deposit whatever is printed concerning the post in the local and state libraries, the department archives and the post files. The Post Historian should attend department conventions and keep in touch with other Post Historians. The office of Historian is of growing importance. It is a suitable position in which a Past Post Commander may serve. Some helpful suggestions for the Post Historian to become involved are the Post Scrap Book and the Annual Department/National American Legion Oratorical Contest.