The American Legion Post 175, Inc. Mechanicsville



We have an opening for a Volunteer Chairperson let us now if your interested!

The American Legion is built on the Volunteers that make the Post a place where we can join together to help "Our Post" be the best it can be.

From assisting with joining our "Kitchen Crew" with cooking/preparation/serving or to cleaning up afterwards. or with minor daily issues like setting up tables decorating the hall, or club room for special gatherings.

We are looking at putting together a "Skill Set" data-base to assist with home-bound veterans needs for minor repairs or general handy man jobs. Please let us know if you have any skills that fit on these areas.

It is the Volunteers that help with all the fund raising activities for our Veterans and/or their family we have sworn to assist in their time of need.

The rewards you receive are worth more than any hourly wage you have ever earned, it is the satisfaction that you have join with other Post members, helping a Veteran and/or family have a better day, week, month, or year!

Seeing what a little help for someone who's really in need is something you can never put a price on. 

I know this to be true, join us and do a little volunteering for the good of the Post, and our Veterans.

Jim Legg, Commander, Post 175 

Contact any of our Post Officers