The American Legion Post 175, Inc. Mechanicsville


For Building Rentals: or 804-402-6636

Second Vice Commander

The Second Vice Commander shall assume and discharge the duties of the office of commander in the absence or disability of the post commander and the first vice commander, or when called upon by the post commander. He/She shall ensure that each patriotic holiday and observance receives the attention it deserves. He/She must promote the color guard or firing squad and ensure that the initiation team is functioning. The Commander will depend on him/her to provide the programs that spice up the meetings and attract attendance. 

2nd Vice Commander, George Bayer, handles all of the American Legion Hall Rentals, he is very well versed in the hall, meeting rooms, and can tell you about how others have set up the room for activities. George keeps an up to date Calendar so give him a call to check on open dates.

If you would like to help with the rental efforts for the Post please give George Bayer, 2nd Vice Commander a call.

He is on call for tours, and bookings at all times and could use some assistance, George will be happy to train, and coach anyone willing to give him an occasional day off.

Your Post is calling on volunteers to jump in and help, now is the time to do something for your Post.

Some say that they do not have anything to do, here is your chance to help the Post and help one of our fellow Legioniares, come share the load it is our Post all of us included!